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Latitude: 49.162609
Longitude: -122.845688
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Print Purchase
To purchase paintings(prints) or obtain details, please do so by email.

The 2008 & 2009 Canadian Fishing Map Cover Art Prints are available upon request.
To make sure we are talking about the same thing, click here
- Regular Size: 16"x19.5" - $155 Plus $30 S&H (CAD)
- Large Size: 20.5"x25" - $195 Plus $30 S&H (CAD)
(Local pickup available)

Payment is acceptable in the form of: Personal cheque, Money order, Bank draft.
Different from the actual cover, the lund boat in the original art has a silver paint on it. Please also note that you can request to have the boat removed.
PHP, Javascript & Action Script Apps
Here are some very useful applications and short scripts I wrote.

JM Loader

Javascript driven flash gallery. Just upload your thumbnails and pictures and let flash do the fancy slide show. There is also an admin backend for adding description to each photo, easy to manage.

Expander HS

Click to show or hide a specific area on your website using CSS. Now works with multiple locations on the same page - all you need to do is give a different id. This script is a great helper for website layout design and is very easy to setup.

Ultimate Slideshow

Almost every client I had wanted slideshow on their website. With this template anyone can setup a slideshow in minutes. Just make each slide into a single swf and setup your array in the order you want the slides to display in the main flash file. The way the action script is written in this toy makes it so flexible and easy to update.

File Upload

This is a simple PHP file upload client I wrote. There is a simple admin backend with it but nothing particularly complex.


This is the only PNG fix I know that works and it only works with background element in CSS, but it works great.